Bostik ISR 70-03

Product description

Simson ISR 70-03 is a high-quality elastic sealer/adhesive based on Silyl Modified Polymer (SMP). Suitable as an adhesive or sealant for structures in industrial applications requiring high strength. Simson ISR 70-03 has excellent resistance to UV, weather and temperature conditions and is free from solvents, isocyanates and silicones. It exhibits excellent adhesion on various substrates (minimum surface preparation or without pre-treatment) and can be painted with generally available industrial paints.



Product specification

Packaging: 290 ml, 600 ml, 20 liters (on customer’s request), 200 liters (on customer’s request)

Colours: white, black, gray

The minimum order quantity: 12 pieces (1 carton) and multiples